With the new season upon us, we would like to welcome you to Fin & Feather, the Great Outdoor Store of Iowa City. Established in 1967 by Roger and Linda Mildenstein, Fin & Feather has spent the last 48 years as Iowa City’s one-stop shop for all your favorite outdoor activities in Iowa and abroad. It’s been a real adventure seeing the store grow alongside the vibrant streets of Iowa City, and although a few things have changed in the town since the store’s inception, a few things have remained the same including the departments we offer, the customer service you can expect to find within our shopping aisles, and of course, our love for the great outdoors.

Archery LaneFrom the camo to the ammo, and all the trail cameras,scent control products, and tree stands in between, Fin & Feather’s Hunting Department wants you to be well prepared for your next memorable hunting trip no matter the season. Through our  full selection of firearms, as well as Pat Childs, our resident gunsmith with over 50+ years of experience, whether you’re looking to become a responsible first-time gun owner or add to the gun safe collection, we’re happy to help find what you’re looking for. If Archery is more your speed, alongside our wide selection of recurves, longbows, compound bows, and crossbows, as well as our indoor archery lane, Fin & Feather also proudly employs the best specialists in the area to make sure your arrows are always flying straight.

If the good folks in our Fishing DCarson Fishingepartment aren’t at work, chances are they on the water using the same products that sell here at Fin & Feather. That’s because not only does our fishing crew love to cast a line, but also because Fin & Feather has the best of everything you need to get out and catch the big one yourself. Fresh bait, attention-grabbing lures, and the rods and reels to cast them out, Fin & Feather doesn’t stop the fishing service with the products on the shelf, and any one of our experienced anglers are happy to help get some line on your new rod and reel, give some insight on what’s biting and where, and swap some stories of those monsters we’re all catching on a daily basis.

Sweet Campsite - Zion

In terms of living and spending time outdoors, the Camping Department and our Active Lifestyle Apparel literally has you covered. From a wide selection of tents on the floor to the latest and greatest clothing technology, as well as the staff that lives vicariously through your adventures, you can spend everyday comfortable outdoors with the products from Fin & Feather. Whether it’s cooking needs on your next backpacking trip or a winter jacket to keep you warm, as well as the footwear and car racks to get you there, no matter the weather we can ensure you’ll enjoy that time spent under the open sky.


With over 600,000 individual products and services throughout the store (including Boy & Girl Scouts of America necessities, DNR hunting and fishing tags/licenses, and a full line of canoes, kayaks, & stand up paddleboards), it’s easy to say that our extensive coverage of the outdoors is too long to convey in a few paragraphs. The best way to see all that we have to offer is come down to the store, any day of the week, and in doing so maybe catch a glimpse at perhaps our most valuable asset found on the floor, the same thing that has led to our success over the past near half-decade, which is the personable and friendly staff that shares the same enthusiasm for the outdoors that you do.

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