Join John Huston, polar explorer, live at Fin & Feather this Friday, December 4th as he comes to the store and speaks about his experiences exploring the North Pole and other exotic locations including the South Pole, Greenland, and Ellesmere Island. Along the way and throughout his expeditions, John managed to pick up a little insight on the mishaps, revelations, and inspiration for this adventure we call life, and this Friday, he is going to share all of that and more at Fin & Feather, for free, and is opening the conversation for you to be included.

Check out a sample of John’s past presentation here:

John Huston is a Bergans of Norway Athlete and is touted as the first American to do an unsupported expedition to the North Pole. As part of the speaking series, Bergens has also provided some unique raffle prizes as part of the event, and Fin & Feather is throwing a few goodies in the mix as well. Seats are free, but it’s highly recommended to Reserve Your Seats today to ensure you’re part of the action.