For a limited time, special holiday offer only, Soto is selling its most lightweight, entry-level Amicus Stove with 2 cooking pots as combo set for only $44.95. That’s over a $30 value and nearly covers  your entire cook set. This offer will be over when the stoves fly off the shelves so be sure to get in today to claim this holiday pricing.

Soto Special Offer
Amicus Stove with Stealth Igniter + Cook Set Combo

The Amicus Stove and Stealth Igniter, alongside an 8 oz. fuel canister and folding utensil, all fit snuggly into the two provided cooking pots, making for A+ packability with this camping combo deal, and with a total weight of 10.5 ounces all packed up, you don’t have to worry about any extra weight with your warm meals.

Check out the additional specs of the Amicus with Stealth Igniter + Cook Set Combo:

Amicus Stove Combo
Amicus Stove & Cook Set Combo


Amicus Specs 1

Amicus Specs 2Amicus Specs 3