“The Authentic, The Original”

Anyone who has spent valuable time outdoors understands the importance of dry feet, and those same people can attest to the dissatisfying feeling of dumping your dry feet into a wet boot. Thanks to this week’s featured product however, with little to no interruption on your daily routine, the PEET Dryer is here to save the day. This innovative, made -through-necessity product has been satisfying customers and their feet for over 50 years, and while it makes a great gift for anyone that claims to have everything, it might not be a bad addition to your own adventure arsenal….

Check out how it works:

How it works
PEET Dryer

1. PEET® DryPorts: The patented design directs airflow for optimum circulation throughout items being dried.

2. PEET® AirChambers: The warmed air naturally rises, channeled through the specially designed AirChambers.

3. PEET® Convection Technology: Air drawn in through vents in the base of the PEET® Dryer is warmed slightly.




The clever PEET Dryer, invented by Gene Peet in 1968, is designed to effectively remove wet, sweat and odor from a wide variety of footwear and gear. This means that not only can you safely plunge your feet into dry boots the morning after a wet day outside, but without the moisture to accumulate, bacteria and odor causing fungi are kept at bay, ultimately extending the lifetime of your gear.

Fin & Feather currently carries two models of the PEET Dryer, the classic with two footwear ports, or the upgrade that includes an additional two PEET glove DryPorts™. Both systems work on a “whisper-quiet” fan motor that silently warms your boots without heating the air around them, leaving no worry for fire hazards as your boots become dry. Operating with less energy taken from a single 40-watt light bulb, alongside operating quietly, the PEET Dryer is only looking to extend the life of your footwear and not your electrical bill.

Come into Fin & Feather, avoid any unnecessary Trench Foot, and see for yourself why the makers of the PEET Dryer proclaim, “Once you’ve experienced PEET Dry, you never go back to life without it”.