Jingle Cross hit Iowa City with full force this weekend and we’ve got some pictures to prove it. Big thanks to all the athletes and volunteers that supported this event, as well as John Meehan for organizing the spectacle since 2004. If you would like to get a copy of any of these photos, please feel free to like Fin & Feather on Facebook and drop us a message.


Jingle Cross 5Jingle Cross 3Jingle Cross 4Jingle Cross 20Jingle Cross 21Jingle Cross 10Jingle Cross 13Jingle Cross 11Jingle Cross 19Jingle Cross 8Jingle Cross 24Jingle Cross 23Jingle Cross 6Jingle Cross 12Jingle Cross 2Jingle Cross 1Jingle Cross 15Jingle Cross 14Jingle Cross 22Jingle Cross 9Jingle Cross 7