The first Deer Management Zone (DMZ), or “Special Hunt” took place in Guthrie County in 1990. The increased quota in a small section of town was in response to an alarming rate of vehicle/deer collisions, agitated crops, and the growing over populace of deer species. Since then, other counties have adopted DMZ’s, which means that even though Johnson County sold out of antlerless tags at lightning speed this year, it’s not too late to get one for yourself within Johnson County

Johnson County DMZ Hunt:

Original Tags Issued: 500
Tags Remaining (December 8th, 8:00 a.m.): 114

Courtesy of Iowa IowaDNR.Gov

 These tags, which cost $28.50 for one, and $13 for every additional tag (no limit), correspond with the respective and remaining seasons, which include Shotgun Season 2, Archery 2, & Late Muzzleloader. You will be asked to choose which season you want your tag for.  You may only purchase antlerless tags for the Johnson County DMZ.

Remaining Seasons:

Shotgun 2: December 12th – 20th

Archery: December 21st – January 10th

Late Muzzleloader: December 21st – January 10th

How to Obtain Your DMZ Tag

Picking up your DMZ tag is as easy as walking into the store and heading to the cash registers at Fin & Feather. We are the only authorized dealers for the tags and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about them. While you are here, we have an unbeatable selection of ammunition, necessities, and accessories to make your next hunting trip a memorable one. For more information about DMZ zones across the state, or general hunting guidelines, be sure to head on over to Iowa DNR Homepage.

*As part of the DMZ, it is important to stay within the boundaries of the special area, which can be viewed below, or opened into a larger map by opening this PDF File: dmz_coralville