fjallraven skogsoAdaptability is the name of the game for this week’s featured product, the Skogsӧ Jacket from Fjӓllrӓven. That’s because this stylish jacket doesn’t only look good, but thanks to the innovative and exclusive G-1000 material that it’s made of, you can wear this jacket for any weather conditions you might encounter. Unlike many other winter jackets, the Skogsӧ Jacket and G-1000 material is made up of a strong cotton base, and despite what you might have heard about the dangers of cotton apparel on your adventures, it’s this cotton that makes the Skogsӧ jacket so versatile.


greenland waxG-1000 is made to be used in conjuction with Greenland Wax, and much like your downhill or cross country skis, that wax can be applied directly to the Skogsӧ Jacket depending on the weather conditions you are expecting. If it’s going to be wet and cold, apply more wax to add more weather proofing to your jacket, and if it’s going to be a sunny adventure with no wind to contend with, use the wax more sparingly to let the cotton breath and increase ventilation. This brilliantly simple and extraordinary comfortable solution to waterproofing cotton will change the way you think about your winter attire.

To learn more about G-1000, you can check out this short video from Fjӓllrӓven:




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Fjällräven, which means Arctic Fox in Swedish, was born in the mountains of Northern Sweden in a little town by the name of Örnsköldsvik. It all started in the 1950’s when 14 year-old Åke Nordin recognized the inefficiencies of modern backpacks. Built from a desire to travel further, Fjällräven became one of the first companies to commercially produce and distribute framed backpacks. The rest—as they probably say in Sweden—is history, and Fjällräven has continued to grow over the years to offer much more than just backpacks without ever forgetting why they make the products in the first place: to explore further.