No Plastic Bag ImageDitch the plastic disposable shopping bags this holiday season and help give back to the Iowa City community. That’s because for every plastic bag that goes unused at Fin & Feather, we donate 5 cents from the register to the Iowa City Hospice. We know what you’re thinking though, 5 cents? You can’t do much with 5 cents these days, but like the single speckle of dirt packed into the mountain, a little bit can add up to a lot.

Nickel 1Wrapping up the finals days of 2015, Fin & Feather had a record year of bag-less transactions, accumulating over $800 to donate to Hospice this holiday season. For the mathematicians out there, that’s roughly 16,000 nickels collected, which also means that’s roughly 16,000 plastic bags that never got used. Not too bad for a nickel at a time. So as you;re out and about, perusing all the amazing outdoor products at our store for the rest of the holiday season and all of 2016, remember to bring your own bag and we’ll see if we can’t set a new record next year.


IowaCityHospice_logoIowa City Hospice serves Johnson and six surrounding counties, and provides services of comfort, peace, and dignity to patients with incurable diseases, as well as support for their families. As a community-orientated, not-for-profit organization, Iowa City Hospice strives to offer services to everyone regardless of their financial background, and while they do rely and receive sizable community donations to keep their services running, every little bit of support helps, even one nickel at a time.