AlderbaranCast out a strong line with this week’s featured product, the Aldebaran Baitcasting Reel from Shimano. Coming in at a smooth 4.7 ounces, don’t let the incredible light weight of this reel detract you from its durability, and with a magnesium frame and specialty crafted side-plate construction, this rod delivers even on your biggest catches. In addition to the light weight, the Aldebaran also comes fully equipped with both X-Shift gear construction for precision gear alignment and an SVS Infinity braking system that lets you control every inch of your line.

It’s not the incredible light weight of this reel that will really grab your attention however, or the extreme reactiveness of your line, but what really makes this reel out-spin the rest is the Shimano Stable Spool Design, better known as the Silent Tune, that is incorporated into every Aldebaran reel. This staple feature of this featured reel allows anglers to cast and reel with the smoothness of a spider spinning web, and can aid in those monster casts to catch the monster fish. A true pleasure to admire online and look at beneath the case, the reason behind all the fancy technology and terminology is only best represented when you hold it in your hands:

Alderbaran picedited

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