It may have felt like Winter was off to a slow start in the past couple of months, but in true Iowa and Midwest fashion, the forecasts have blessed us with a confusing radar to watch. With blowing winds and precipitation that blends the line between snow and rain, the good news is that the true start to winter, and the beginning of longer days, began with the Winter Solstice last Tuesday, December 22nd. The better news, thanks to the product line from Yaktrax and ICEtrekkers (available at Fin & Feather), you don’t have to worry about slipping on the ice as Old Man Winter finally wakes up this year:

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Yak Trax Walk SpinningYaktrax Walk

The Walk Series from Yaktrax is the original design that the rest of the product line is based upon. Featuring spikeless and lightweight utility,  Yaktrax are a transportable traction device that slips on and off your shoes with ease. Not designed for rugged hikes up a mountain, but rather stretches of sidewalks and ice-strewn asphalt, these affordable ice accessories can cover all your basic winter commute challenges.


Yak Trax Pro PictureYaktrax Pro

Bump it up a notch with the Pro Series featuring thicker rubber and stronger coils to  expand your winter capabilities. Built for the more active trekkers, it’s easy to go beyond the mailbox with the YakTrax Pro Series and resume your normal walking route regardless of the weather conditions. With a performance strap for optimal fit, slipping in and out of Yaktrax Pros is also a snap with the pull tab on the heel.


Yak Trax Run PictureYaktrax Run

For those seasoned athletes that don’t let winter weather stop them in their tracks, the Yaktrax Run Series features the same coil strength as the Yaktrax Pro and a beefed-up rubber, in addition to a toe plate  set with replaceable carbide steel spikes. That means you can run with confidence this winter, and with a temperature rating of -46⁰,  nothing short of a deep-freeze will keep you away from your running routine.


Icetrekkers ChainsICEtrekkers Chains

ICEtrekker chains are simply tire chains for your feet. Where tire chains are meant to keep your wheels on the road, ICEtrekkers Chains are meant to keep you off your hiney as you make your way down the sidewalk. Made of individually welded links of hardened steel, just slip on the rubber harness holding the steel over your boot (temperature rated for below-zero conditions), and see for yourself the traction a few chains can provide on packed snow and ice.


Icetrekkers Diamond GripICEtrekkers Diamond Grip

Perhaps the most burly of traction devices available, the ICEtrekkers Diamond Grips consists of a patented Diamond Bead design made of hardened alloy steel, strung on an aircraft cable, with 100’s of biting edges that grip and rotate independently. What this gives you is the ability to transition onto gravel and rock without worry,  navigate rugged terrain, and go all day without cleaning the self-clearing rotational Diamond Beads.


Yaktrax and ICEtrekkers products work best on shoes and boots that have a lip, and all perform best with the right fit. Come one down to Fin & Feather and find the right size for you!