Add a little excitement to your day with this week’s featured product, Sonic Boom Exploding Targets. The perfect way to be sure you got your shot, Sonic Boom Exploding targets provides a safe and legal way to make a big explosion at the firing range. Available for a wide variety of calibers including long-range rifles and handguns, it is very important to follow the included instructions that come with each ready-to-mix container, and when you do, you’ll be sure to have a blast the next time you go sport shooting.

We are stocked and loaded at Fin & Feather, so no matter what you’ll be using to make the big bang, we’ll have the right Sonic Boom exploding target that works for you. If you have any questions as to what exploding target you are looking for, or any questions as to where you can shoot these exploding spectacles, be sure to ask someone in our firearms department and they can get you aiming in the right direction.


Sonic Boom is not only a fun way to add a little extra enjoyment to your sport shooting hobby, but it can also aid in reassuring your accuracy on the long-range shots, but like anything we sell in the firearms department, all caution should be used when implementing this product. Sonic Boom carefully and purposefully packs its product by separating the catalyst and oxidizer in two separate sealed  bags, making it legal in all 50 states to sell and transport. Once the consumer mixes the two, the product now becomes an explosive, which has much stricter regulations on travel and resale, so quick use at a designated firing range is not only recommended, but nearly mandatory. Read all instructions, have fun, be safe, and use Sonic Boom at your own discretion.