A name nearly synonymous with adventure, GoPro has changed the way we experience and see the world around us. Even if you have been living under a rock for the last ten years, you have probably seen a video edit made from a mounted GoPro camera. Whether it was a helmet cam capturing big air at the local ski resort, or your cousin doing front-flips off the diving board, when watching these remarkable video clips haven’t you always wondered what it would be like to capture your own world in action?

Thanks to engineering feats in photo quality and processing, all three cameras currently offered by GoPro in their Hero4 series have boat loads of features to capture every detail of your adventure. Superwide angle, time-lapse video capture, low-light detection, slow-motion playback, expert audio capability, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled, you name it, and GoPro  has included it, making sure every detail of your next adventure is displayed with crystal-clear clarity.


The Cameras:

 Hero4 Session – $199.99

Hero Session 4The smallest and lightest of the Hero4 cameras, the Hero4 Session is also the less expensive. But don’t let its smaller price-tag throw you off its quality, the Hero4 Session delivers with 1080pX60 video and 8MP photo capture at 10 frames per second.  The most enticing characteristic from this camera comes from its size though, and with a new rugged, non-casing, streamlined design, this GoPro is 40% lighter than any other GoPro camera ever made and is meant to be taken anywhere.


Hero4 Silver – $399.99

Hero4 SilverWith every upgrade in price for the GoPro cameras, it’s a given that the quality and frame rate of your images and video increases, and with the Hero4 Silver, you bump up to a 4K15 video performance, an ability to shoot 120 frames per second at 720p, and snap 12MP photos at 30 frames per second. Additionally, and with a bit more bulk, the Hero4 Silver also comes with a touch display that allows for easy playback, a settings menu, and an ability to set up the perfect shot.


Hero4 Black – $499.99

Hero4 BlackThe Hero4 Black loses the touch screen but takes a significant jump up to 4K30 video performance, 12MP burst photos at 30 frames per second, and an ability to shoot 1080p120 for silky-smooth, full HD playback performance. If you are a professional production, or are aspiring to be, the Hero4 Black represents the most advanced adventure camera technology on the market.



Besides the cameras, GoPro doesn’t leave you hanging in terms of different ways to mount your camera. From a multi-pivoting selfie stick to a specific-for-dog harness, GoPro mounts have been tested in the field so you don’t have to worry about losing all your footage. Other mounts include but are not limited to a chest harness, bike mount, surfboard mount, floating selfie stick, helmet mount(s), and many more.

Have anymore questions? Want to know what set-up is right for you? Come on in to Fin & Feather and we can help you capture all those moments you want to share.