Sawyer Water Filter 1Get a good drink of water with this Wednesday’s featured product, the Sawyer Squeeze Mini Water Filter. New to the Sawyer line, the MINI water filter provides the same filtration capabilities as the full-size version, but at half the weight and size. Perfect for personal hydration needs out on the trail, the Sawyer Squeeze MINI’s have already been flying off the shelves, and if you test one out yourself, you’ll see why these hand-held devices represent the newest progression in water filter capabilities.

Sawyer Water Filter 2Using the Sawyer Squeeze Mini is as easy as collecting water. Simply fill the included 16 ounce pouch with potentially contaminated water, screw on the Sawyer Squeeze MINI filter, and squeeze out some fresh H20 – that’s it. You can drink straight from the filter nozzle, squeeze the water into a water bottle, or exclusively with the Sawyer Squeeze Mini, attach the filter in-line to your backpack water reservoir and drink right from your straw without worrying about where your water came from.

The filter inside the Sawyer Mini Squeeze is made out of a hollow fiber, and not charcoal like a lot of the other filters on the market, making it lighter and easily effective against 99.9999% of all bacteria including salmonella, cholera, and E. coli; and 99.9999% of all protozoa including giardia and cryptosporidium. The Sawyer Squeeze line, including the MINI, does not remove chemicals such as iron and sulfur, heavy metals, or pesticides.

Sawyer Water Filter 4


Available in an array of colors, come to Fin & Feather and find the right filter for you for your next big adventure!