task performanceStay active with this Wednesdays’ featured product: the North Star Fleece from Task Performace. Featuring all the benefits found in technical outerwear, the North Star Fleece incorporates a unique material not found in any other apparel line: Bamboo. Yes, you heard it right, forget the cotton in 2016 and make the switch to organic bamboo, and with the Task Performance name behind it, know that your apparel  incorporates zero chemical treatments as it outperforms traditional workout apparel.

Tasc PerformanceBesides the lightweight and extreme comfort of Task Performance’s bamboo technology, the North Star Fleece (alongside the rest of the line from Task) also provides a UPF protection of 50+, anti-odor capabilities, moisture-wicking properties, breathability, and a stretchy fit that lends to all body types. The future is now with bamboo technology, and the best way we can convince you of the benefits of bamboo is for you to come in the store and try it on yourself.

tasc performance logoTasc Performance was created in 2009 with a mission to reinvent performance apparel. Founded in New Orleans, Tasc Performance began as a family business, and although they still feel like the “small guy” in the garment industry, they have made their mark by introducing the appeal of bamboo into the market. Tasc Performance is dedicated towards getting you to perform faster, perform smarter, and perform more comfortably, and when you feel that light bamboo fiber on your skin you’ll realize that Tasc Performance is meeting their goals.