Tired of seeing your cross country skis and snowshoes catch cold in the garage? This winter in Iowa City hasn’t necessarily been spectacular regarding snow conditions, and for those winter athletes that rely on the blood-pumping aesthetics from winter activity it’s been a tedious time waiting for snow. To battle those winter blues, perhaps you need to start thinking broader, start considering something with no corners, and start checking out these five different cross country skiing & snowshoeing yurt destinations in the United States:


Boundary Country Trekking – Grand Marais, Minnesota

Located 29 miles up the Gunflint Trail from the north-shore town of Grand Marias, Boundary Trekking Company situates you squarely in the middle of a Boundary Waters and Superior National Forest winter wonderland. Yurt to yurt trekking complete with gear shuttles and traveling chefs are available through Boundary Country Trekking, or you can go the more rustic approach and rely on yourself, and the wood-burning stove, by staying in either the accommodating Tall Pines Yurt.  

Yurt Picture 16.jpg
Tall Pines Yurt – Boundary Country Trekking


Mount Tahoma Trails Association – Ashford, Washington

Perhaps the greatest thing in common between the two huts and yurt operated by the Mount Tahoma Trails Association is the stunning views of Mount Rainier they all share. Located near the base of the mountain in Ashland, if the promised scenery of the 14,409’ Mt. Rainier isn’t enough for you to buy a plane ticket, just know that the Yurt is spacious, the High Hut provides the closest view of Rainier, and Bruni’s Snowbowl Hut is one of most accommodating and luxurious back country hut to be found in the United States.

Mt Rainier
Mount Rainier view from Bruni’s Snowbowl Hut – summer


10th Mountain Division Hut Association – Aspen, Colorado

The 10th Mountain Division has a long history in Aspen spanning back to the days leading up to North America’s involvement in World War II. The Rocky Mountains of Colorado proved to be prudent training grounds for thousands of soldiers soon to be heading to the Italian Alps, and after the war was over, many of those veterans settled back down with the Colorado terrain,  effectively beginning the ski culture that is now found throughout most of the mountainous state. The many available and sought after huts operated by the 10th Mountain Division, which gives namesake for the heroes that trained in the area, strive to honor those American icons through the winter lifestyle they provide to each visitor.  


Teton Backcountry Guides Overnight Hut Tours – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Grab a guide and start your adventure with your choice of Overnight Hut Tours from Teton Backcountry Guides. Whether you are interested in an introduction to winter warmth procedures, or are an experienced backcountry alpinist looking for fresh powder, the various guided overnight trips have you covered. High traverses, crest adventures, and wilderness navigation, all sandwiched between cozy and clean yurt accommodations, it doesn’t really get much better than that for winter fun.


Sun Valley Trekking Guided Hut Tours – Hailey, Idaho

With the customizable guided tours provided by Sun Valley Trekking, you don’t have to worry about your backcountry experience (or lack there of) while exploring the powder-infused world of Sun Valley in the winter. You get to choose between six huts or yurts (including a double-yurt) and you don’t even have to worry about the dishes after your prepared dinner is served. The full accommodations at Sun Valley Trekking don’t necessarily come cheap, but the memories you’ll make while staying warm next to the fire will surely last a lifetime.

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