Whether you cringe at the sight of the first snow or bust out the ski-wax, one fact about living in Iowa is that sooner or later you will have to deal with snow. For those latter thinkers that get excited for the new recreation activities that winter provides, perhaps “deal with” is putting it too harshly, and something like get to play in might be better fitting, and for those that agree, or even those that are skeptical of these claims, the full-line of Cross Country Ski Rentals at Fin & Feather are just for you.

Here is the scoop on rental details:

Ski Rental Sign.jpg

Fin & Feather’s arsenal of skis consist primarily of Fischer Jupiter Control skis in enough sizes to fit every weight of skier. Jupiter Controls are an entry-level ski designed for maximum glide and stability, but don’t think that just because these skis are made for beginners they aren’t going to meet your skiing needs, and Jupiter Controls can manage any type of snow environment you can ski across.

FF skis

It’s been no secret that Iowa City has had a lackluster snow season thus far, but don’t let the cold weather bring your adventure temperature down, because not only can you plan your next cross-country skiiing extravaganza in other snow-rich parts of our country, but all you have to do is head a little north in the state of Iowa to find some fresh tracks. Come in early and reserve your skis today to get the best out of the last remaining months of winter.


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