Bulldog case - conceal carry purseTake your best shot with this week’s featured item(s): The Concealed Carry Purses from Bulldog Cases. These stylish gun holster accessories won’t only let you blend in with the crowd, but with a zippered pocket dedicated solely for your holster and firearm, you can venture out of the house ready to defend yourself if need be. With three available sizes at Fin & Feather, as well as an array of color options, the Concealed Carry Purses from Bulldog Cases are perfect for those registered women looking to add a little firepower to their wardrobe.


Bulldog case - conceal carry satchelWith these slick designs from Bulldog Cases, you can ditch the hip holster and go for the more discreet approach to carrying your firearm. The select positioning of the holster within Bulldog Cases’ Concealed Carry Purses make it ergonomically easy to reach for your protection if the situation calls for it.


BUlldog case - conceal carry small purseCome down to Fin & Feather today to see for yourself the ingenuity behind the Concealed Carry Purses, and if you are looking to purchase the perfect firearm to go inside of it, or are looking for the training and certification to be a responsible gun owner, we can help you out with that as well. Remember, the best addition to your concealed carry handbag is the knowledge and proper training on how to use your firearm.