Get your story right with this Wednesday’s featured product: the Expedition Journal from Rite in the Rain. Coming out of Tacoma, Washington these weather and waterpoof journals were born out of necessity and have become the go-to standard for taking accurate notes no matter the conditions. Not only can these expedition journals be taken everywhere, but with their sturdy design and archivability, these journals will last for your entire lifetime of adventure. Come on in to Fin & Feather today to see how your next favorite writing implement feels in your hand.

Rite in the Rain has a lot of different models and designs for their weatherproof journals, including stapled bindings, ring bindings, various sizes, and even alternative colors to highlighter yellow (which is easy to spot against the colors of nature). At Fin & Feather we are currently carrying the Expedition Journal, which was co-designed by famous alpinist Conrad Anker, and includes 48 pages of adventure logistic tables, emergency contacts and open space for plenty of note taking. If one piece of gear is making it back with you from your next adventure, good chances are it will be your Expedition Journal from Rite in the Rain.

Rite in the Rain was born nearly a century ago in the logging industry of the Pacific Northwest. Entrepreneur, Jerry Darling, saw a need for a paper material that loggers could use without worry about getting wet, and after developing and dipping paper into a special coating, Rite in the Rain’s history became written in stone (or the rain). Come check it out at Fin & Feather today!