Never lose your way again with the helpful products from Garmin at Fin & Feather. Whether you are looking to track your steps during the day or find your way back to your secret fishing hole, Garmin does have a wide-array on the shelf, and Fin & Feather has the ones you need to go on any Iowa adventure and beyond. Stop in the store to see these latest models yourself:



Vivofit 2 + HRVivofit

Arguably one of the best fitness trackers on the market today, the Vivofit 2 from Garmin is a wearable tracker that counts your steps and keeps you motivated to keep you moving. Featuring an accelerometer to accurately track all of your activities, the Vivofit 2 stands out from the competition thanks to its 1+ year battery life (no recharging) and it’s interactive community associated with it (Garmin Connect). For those active members of your family, or those wanting to be active, the Vivofit 2 is an easy, no-nonsense and affordable tracking device that is a must-have for every athlete.



Kick it up a notch with the Vivoactive GPS smartwatch. Step tracking is the just the tip of the iceberg in terms of abilities of the Vivoactive smartwatch, and within this ultra-thin, wearable computer you can track a variety of sports, customize your Garmin experience and stay in touch all while doing it. Easily paired to your smartphone device, receive text, phone calls and email alerts via vibrations to your wrist, and with custom apps to track biking, running, hiking, swimming and even golf, you can find that balance between work and life that you’ve been looking for.


Forerunner Series

For the active runners out there, the Forerunner Series from Garmin (either the Forerunner 25, 230 or 630) is the best running partner you can ask for. With advanced activity monitoring and GPS-enabled tracking, you can know exactly where you stand with your training program, health plan, or general love for running. The higher model you choose from the Forerunner series, the more information you’ll receive about your running including cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time in the 630 series.   


eTrex Series

The eTrex 10 & 20 is the entry-level GPS series from Garmin, but don’t be fooled by the lower price compared to other models, these rugged and dependable GPS units are what the brand was built upon. Featuring few frills, the eTrex 10 is perfect for maintaining your own location, setting waypoints, navigating backcountry, and participating in paperless geocaching (see: Iowa City Adventure; Geocaching). The eTrex 20 takes things to the next level with enhanced memory, an ability to add more maps and a color display for increased readability, and both units enable all sorts of hiking and trekking based adventures. the eTrex series from Garmin can help you locate your hunting stand, navigate you through canyon walls and keep you grounded no matter what foreign location you visit.



GPSMAP 64Gps64

For a full-featured GPS unit that you can rely on, look no further then the GPSMAP 64. Featuring a built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief, you can literally go anywhere with the GPSMAP 64 and never lose your way (unintentionally). With available microSD slots and 4 GB of onboard memory, you can load new maps, explore different terrain, and track all of your adventures with the GPSMAP 64.