While snowbirds may disagree, the weather is getting warmer here in Iowa City, and maybe it’s just the relative contrast to the past few weeks of below-freezing temperatures, but the newly founded sunlight extending each day feels like a welcome introduction to spring. There is little to no better way to celebrate these new days than lacing up the running shoes and hitting the streets and trails of Iowa City. We’re blessed with a runner-friendly community, and you’re set with the selection of running shoes and accessories found at Fin & Feather.Running Picture 2

Whether it’s high-vis clothing, new shoes to tackle the trail or road, or even a new Garmin Forerunner to track your progress (see below), Fin & Feather can not only get you geared up, but if you have any inquiries about the best routes to take, we can lend you some suggestions there as well. To get some inspiration to use those legs, thanks to the online resource Map My Run.com, you can check out some trails already blazed and make your own with this free online tool. Check out these routes, build your own, and whatever you do, enjoy the nice weather that is blowing in.