With a sneak preview of nicer weather happening this weekend, it’s hard to sit still while the temperature rises. To make the most out of the serendipitous timing of the end of the work week and nice weather, be sure to get outside and do something a little active today. The possibilities are endless, and if you are like the staff at Fin & Feather, the adventure options can be overwhelming, and to help guide your adventure radar, here for you are 8 adventures you can find in Iowa City this weekend:



Disc Golf Around Town

Looking for a good reason to go walk around manicured parks? Disc golf might be the solution. With a low cost to entry, and a welcoming playing field for all abilities, there are no restrictions or stifling tee-times to hold you back with disc golf, and Iowa City, much like the rest of the state, is a central hub for the growing sport of disc golf. Not only are two great courses located less than a half-hour away (Turkey Creek & Sugar Bottom), but located within city limits and accesible by bike path, Iowa City’s own Peninsula Disc Golf Course is a challenging course waiting for some frisbee action.

Disc Golf Map

Hike @ Hickory Hill

Hickory Hill Park located on the north side of town is a true city asset waiting to be explored. With over 100 acres to the park, including an extensive trail system, now is a great time to go explore a more natural style of life within city limits. A few of the trails are a little mud-soaked currently, but you can still stay high and dry at Hickory while taking an afternoon stroll or all-day hike.

Marley Dawg



If you haven’t dove into the world of Geocaching in Iowa City, today is the perfect day to get started. Hidden in Iowa City and around the world, small trinkets and caches are secretly hidden into the landscape with GPS coordinates tied to their location. To find these Geocaches, these little buried treasures, all you need is a GPS-enabled device and a spark of interest to get you off the couch. To find out more information on how to get started, check out Iowa City Adventure: Geocaching Around Town

Geo-cache  2

Fishing at Sand Lake

Grab those rods, reels and your favorite bait as the ice descends and open-water fishing is back in action. Sand Lake, as part of the Terry Trueblood Recreation Area, is not only a good place to cast your reel, but it’s a picturesque location to spend a sunny afternoon. There are a lot of places to fish in Iowa City, and wherever you go be sure to have the proper permits and gear (including possible Trout Stamps at Sand Lake), both of which are available at Fin & Feather.

Sand Lake

Bike the Trails

Whether it’s your fat bike, road bike, your recumbant or some crazy combination of all three, the bike trails that seemingly wind throughout Iowa City are a great place to let those pedals do their thing. With little elevation and wide turns, as well as a safe distance from most passing traffic, the trails are a very user-friendly bike commute option, just be sure to wear your helmet and watch out for other pedetrians.

Bike Trails Map


Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park

The only person who might enjoy the nice weather more than you is your four-legged friend, but hey, your pooch probably enjoys a lot of things more than you could ever enjoy anything (i.e. sniffing other dogs). Try living vicariously through your best friend this weekend by taking them to the Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park located in Peninsula Park. Check out the Iowa City Parks Website to learn about rules and permits at Thornberry.

Thornberry Dog Park
Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park Facebook

Run the Streets of Iowa City

Celebrate all that Iowa City has to offer by lacing up your sneakers and running the streets of the Old Capital of Iowa. There is little better way to fall in love with Iowa City than running through her side streets, hidden gems and surprisingly big hills. There are about a million different routes you can come up with, and you can almost guarantee finding a street you’ve never been down before if you run long enough, so what are you waiting for, let’s go!

A Tour of Iowa City


Camp at Fox 8
The Fox Campsites, located within the Macbride Nature Recreation Area, might be a little out of the Iowa City jurisdiction, but doesn’t a step back from the community we love make the adventure just that more enticing. With a short drive you can find quality campsites at the Macbride Nature Recreation Area, including the famous Fox 8, located at the end of a peninsula and overlooking the Iowa River. For reservation and additional information, be sure to check out the University of Iowa Recreational Services Website

Fox Campsites