In conjunction with the Friends of Hickory Hill Park, the City of Iowa City is developing a Master Plan for the beloved Iowa City staple, Hickory Hill Park, and your input is wanted. At the meeting, discussions of programming at the park, route navigation and trail/area maintenance will take place, as well as any other additional considerations you might have. The Master Plan Meeting will be held at the Robert E. Lee Community Recreation Center Sunday, March 13th, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. The meeting will begin with a short presentation and open discussion to follow.

Hickory Hill Park Meeting


Hickory Hill Park

For anyone that hasn’t visited the 185 acres that consist of Hickory HIll Park on Iowa City’s northeast side of town, then drop what you are doing and head into any one of the seven entrances that line its borders. Spanning from Bloomington Street to North Dodge, and North 1st Ave to Conklin Lane, Hickory Hill Park has a multitude of trails and avenues to explore, and has been providing Iowa City with a nature sanctuary since 1967.

(Map Courtesy of the Friends of Hickory Hill Park*)


A Brief History of the Park

Hickory Hill Park was formally purchased and designated as such nearly 50 years ago, and at the time consisted of 98 acres, which still to do this day comprise the majority of the park area. Over its long and naturally quiet life in Iowa City, many proposals have been brought up to convert the passive land into a more developed space, but thanks to the many community members that call Hickory Hill Park home, the park has grown into the blossoming 185 acres it is today. As of 1999, those community members became organized and formed the non-profit, 501(c)3 Friends of Hickory Hill Park.

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Friends of Hickory Hill Park

Your first stop in the conservation and community of Hickory Hill Park, the Friends of Hickory Hill Park (FOHHP) is a volunteer organization that oversees the care, collaboration and upkeep of Hickory Hill. A great avenue if you’re looking to give back to the park you love, the FOHHP brings together many resources and lends a voice for the advocacy and future of this recreational necessity. For more information on the FOHHP, be sure to check out their website at Hickory Hill

Hickory HIll Park Calendar


Your Input is Needed!

If you would like to see the park stay as it is, or have any ideas for improvement, don’t just remark to the trees and get your voice heard at the Master Plan Input Meeting this Sunday at the Robert E. Lee Recreation Center. You can mark your reservations at the Official Facebook Page, and mark your calendars this Sunday so you can give your input and effect the next 50 years of Hickory Hill Park.