Take your adventures to the next level this summer with a SPOT Personal Satellite Messenger. With the capabilities to allow your friends and family to GPS locate your exact whereabouts, as well as receive personal messages, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of SPOT devices is their ability to contact local emergency services in case disaster strikes. SPOT devices are small, have a great battery life and require a satellite subscription plan to take advantage of all the features it can provide, and Fin & Feather not only has the hardware, but the know-how for you to stay safe on your next adventure:


SPOT PIC in Action


SPOT TraceSPOT Trace

Intended as an anti-theft protection unit, the SPOT Trace is the entry-level tracker from SPOT, and can help you locate something or someone you want to keep an eye on. As a real world example, let’s say you’ve purchased a boat and keep it at the marina. You have concerns about theft at the marina, so you place a SPOT Trace product in a small cranny of the boat, and anytime that SPOT Trace product moves, you receive an email or text notification of its location. Just set it and forget it, the SPOT Trace let’s you sleep easy at night.



The ultimate hiking accessory, the SPOT Gen3 is a considerable step up from the Trace model, and besides allowing friends and family to Google Maps locate your coordinates via a secret security code, but with programmable messages dialed into the device, the user can even send pre-written messages to the same group of 10 family or friends to ensure absolute safety. With the ability to send an SOS signal  to all surrounding emergency response teams, in emergency situations only, the SPOT Gen3 can not only keep your close ones close, but it can also save your life in a scary situation. For more information, be sure to check out the SPOT Gen3 webpage.


Subscription Plans

Your newly purchased SPOT Personal Satellite Messenger  will do basic tracking right out of the packages, but to truly utilize the SPOT benefits that you’re aiming for, a satellite subscription plan is necessary. The prices are affordable, and considering the lifesaving assets you might be purchasing, it’s worth every penny. Check out the subscription rates below courtesy of Find Me Spot.com:

Service Plans

For more information about the extended battery life, satellite capabilities or you just want to see how small these little satellite messengers really are, stop on in to Fin & Feather today and we’ll be happy to give the full scoop on the next product that could very easily save your life (or at least lessen your parent’s worry).