Add a little excitement to your shooting experience with this Wednesday’s featured product, The MegaBoom Supersonic Target System. Simple to use, big results to follow, the MegaBoom Supersonic Target System is a pressuring device that allows you to turn ordinary  1 & 2 liter plastic bottles into big sound, low energy explosions. Fun and safe for many ages, the MegaBOOM might sound familiar to you from their recent television advertisements:

To operate the MegaBOOM Supersonic Target Systems, simply connect the sealed adapter and target holder to a plastic bottle, add your own air via bike pump (also sold at Fin & Feather), and pressurize your target. Once the plastic bottle is properly pressurized, any projectile (bullet, BB, arrow) will force a supersonic rip in the container capable of hitting 150 decibels.

***Extra Tip: add a little cornstarch or flour to the plastic bottle before pressurization to add a little visual stimulation to the supersonic boom.***

Because of the little mass associated with supersonic boom (the water bottle), these exploding targets don’t come with any projectiles or excessive energy, just a lot of noise, and at 150 decibels you can hear it from a mile away. All safety should be regarded when shooting and pressuring the targets, with eye and ear protection recommended for both, and no matter what you decide to projectile at these supersonic targets, you’ll be sure to hear the excitement with every hit.


Stop into Fin & Feather today to pick up your own MegaBOOM Supersonic Target System