It’s no surprise for anyone that has lived in the state of Iowa that March has a wide spectrum of changing weather. From sunny days inviting spring flowers, to snow covered streets reminiscent of winter, March is a renegade, it follows no rules. It’s also no surprise to anyone who has ever talked to anyone from the state of Iowa, that we like to talk about the weather, so we’re going to do just that.  With the help of the National Weather Service, let’s check out what March has brought us in the past.


Did you know every Iowa March in recorded history (since 1879) has had at least one day with a forecasted maximum temperature above 50℉, as well as at least four days with a forecasted minimum below 32° ?

If that doesn’t already get you excited about the uncertainty of March weather, the hottest March day reached 91° in 1986, and the coldest hit a minimum forecast of -22° in 1962. Whether the weather is going to break any of those records this March, there is still time to see.

Check out the highest and lowest average temperatures for the past months of March (averages for the whole month):


While some may consider March to be a particularly wet month for precipitation, on average there will be only one day this month where more than 0.50 inches of rain will fall, and the wettest March in recorded history (1990) amassed 5.82” (with the driest coming in at 0.04” in 1885).



And what about snowfall? That wildcard that determines for many whether you’ll enjoy the month of March or not. How do you feel about it? Would you like a shot at skiing this winter with a repeat of 1912’s 28 inches of snow, or would your rather be like one of the many years on record with little to no snowfall at all? If we were a betting organization, it might be a safe play to put your chips down on limited snowfall this month (or maybe that’s just what March wants you to think).

Cross Country Skiing - Iowa City

Whatever you do with this weather information, take safe regards that it doesn’t matter what history has to say about it, March is going to come and leave how it wants. Just remember however, that with the right gear, and perhaps the right attitude, no matter the forecast for the rest of the month, it’s still possible to enjoy the weather.