Minipresso 1Don’t ditch the comforts of home for your next adventure with this Wednesday’s featured product, the Minipresso handheld espresso machine. Easy to use, and even easier to stow, the Minipresso is the newest innovation in the coffee brewing community, and with its compactable size it never needs to leave your side.


Minipresso 2Besides the delicious shot of espresso produced from this ingenious contraption, the biggest benefit of the Minipresso espresso machine is its compact and lightweight design. Weighing in at .8 lbs, and with an overall length of 6.89 inches, the Minipresso has a sleek tubular design, making this a perfect gadget for your backpack, saddle bag or front pocket.


Minipresso 3The Minipresso is completely hand operated, meaning there is no need for cartridges, compressed-air or electricity to get the taste you need. Using a semi-automatic piston, all the Minipresso requires is a few pumps of the lever and you can not only create fresh espresso, but control the amount you want delivered at each moment. With varying water tank capacities, the Minipresso can deliver on all forms of espresso drinks and quantities, ensuring that every adventure can include the espresso you deserve. 


Check out the Minipresso website and video, and come to the Fin & Feather coffee bar any day and we’ll make you a shot of espresso with the Minipresso handheld espresso machine: