One of the hottest items at Fin & Feather over the last six months has been the Yeti cooler and drinkware series. From Lowballs to gigantic coolers, Yetis have been flying off our shelves faster than we can stock them. The tide has turned however at Fin & Feather, and for the first time since before the holidays we have a full stock of every Yeti item available, so make sure to get yours before they fly off the shelves once again.

Yeti’s – Small to Big:

ColsterYeti Colster

Made from the same stainless steel as the rest of the drinkware line, the Yeti Colsters also feature double-wall insulation and a no-sweat design. That means for your next tailgate, picnic or relaxing afternoon on a lawn chair, even in the summer heat you won’t have to worry about your drink losing its cool.



Yeti Lowball – 10 oz.

Aptly named for the kind of drinks it’s made for, the Yeti Lowball is best served with ice and if alcohol isn’t your thing, you’ll never find a better insulated coffee mug anywhere else. Great to throw in the cabinet and bring along camping, the Yeti Lowball isn’t old fashioned, but it can cater towards one.


RamblerYeti Ramblers – 20 & 30 oz.

The Yeti Ramblers were the must-have item of last year’s holiday season, and it wasn’t just a hype that made these indestructible glasswares so hot (and cool). Thanks to the Yeti Rambler’s insulation abilities, these once hard-to-get Ramblers can keep all your liquids warm or cold for hours on end, making every drink great until the last drop. Fin & Feather is currently stocked and loaded with both the 20 & 30 oz. ramblers.


Rambler Bottle 1Yeti Rambler Bottle – 18, 36 & 64 oz.

New to the Yeti collection, the Yeti Rambler Bottles feature a skinny neck design, sealing cap and over double the space for beverage storage. Great for remote wildernesses and worksites alike, these stainless steel water bottles won’t sweat or lose their cool in hot weather, and with a patented Triple Haul Cap, you can grab your Rambler Bottle and go anywhere.


Yeti Tundra Coolers – All Sizes

Perhaps the bread and butter of the Yeti line, the Tundra Coolers really built the brand they sit upon. Ranging from 35 to 350 liters in size (with two colors to choose from), the Tundra series can satisfy every insulation need you have from the back country to the beach side. Bear-proof and roto-molded designed, the Tundra series changed the way we think about cooler quality, and we can get every size for you at Fin & Feather.   


Like what you see here? Wait until you feel them in your hand. Come on down to Fin & Feather today and check out the whole collection!