Fireknife 1
Light My Fire

Get your kindling going with this Wednesday’s Featured Product: the Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife®. Guaranteed to give you a good spark, this handy fire device will not only help you start the campfire for the fish fry, it can gut the fish too. That’s because this knife, well, is a knife, and locked tightly to the bottom of the handle is the best fire starter in the business.


Fireknife 2
Light My Fire 

Light My Fire isn’t the only business bringing demonstrated technology to the table, and the Swedish FireKnife is a collaboration between the fire starters of Light my Fire and knife makers at Mora of Sweden, who have been producing quality blades for over 120 years. For the FireKnife, Mora chose a Sandvik 12c27 Stainless Steel and a sticky TPE rubber material for grip.

With both Light My Fire and Mora of Sweden behind the final product, rest assured that if there was even anything else on the market like it, the Swedish FireKnife would outperform. With the ability to produce some of the biggest sparks with the longest distance,  come into Fin & Feather to see yourself the capabilities of the Swedish FireKnife.