If you’re feeling the midday pull, try transporting yourself to another place. While plane tickets can be expensive and everyday responsibilities might hinder your travel plans, a quick substitute for your mind’s eye could be a well-positioned webcam. To aid in your search for the perfect scene to set your eyes upon, here are 10 webcams that are worth checking out at any part of the day.

Jelly Cam – Monterey Bay Aquarium

If you are having a rough day, just flip on the ole’ Jelly Cam presented by the Monetery Bay Aquarium. Full of lucid images of water movement, it’s hard to not get lost in the virtual wonder of jellyfishes floating across your screen. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is open 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Pacific Time, so be sure to check your watches before you get too excited.


Paraclete XP SkyVenture Webcam

Live vicariously through someone else for a moment and check out all the fun these indoor skydivers are having at Paraclete XP SkyVenture indoor skydiving zone. Watch as beginners and pros practice their flips and tricks, and maybe find some of your own inspiration to check something off the bucket list this summer.



Tower Cam Webcam, Visit London

International plane tickets can be expensive. As a low cost alternative you can just view London from your computer. See the many different shades of day at this cultural landmark, and witness the rush hours, lighted nights and if you plan it just right, a spectacular display of fireworks.

Tower London.png


International Space Station Webcam

Will recreational visits to space be a part of your lifetime? The jury is still out there but in the meantime you can check out the view from the International Space Station thanks to its high definition webcam. Catch it at the right time and you can see many different shades of earth from dawn to dusk and everything in between.


Decorah Eagle Cam

If you are from Iowa, the Decorah Eagle Cam was probably one of the first webcams you ever pulled up on your browser. That’s because it gained some Iowa internet fame a few years ago when it captured the birth of 3 young eaglets. The Decorah Eagle Cam is ready to go for 2016 and waiting for you to check it out.


Northern Lights Webcam, Hotel Highland

The Northern Lights are a rare sight to see, and it’s not that they don’t come often enough outside of the Hotel Highland Northern Lights Webcam, it’s just that the timing of them is a little unpredictable (and usually late at night Iceland time). Test your luck though, or do your research, and this might be the easiest way to see northern lights in Iowa.



Trevor Zoo Red Pandas Webcam

Pandas have an incurable way of lightening up your day, and these Red Pandas out of New York’s Trevor Zoo are a fun way to see unique animals on a daily basis. The Trevor Zoo is a product of Millbrook High School out of New York, and the student body and faculty ensure proper care for all animals in their space.



Earth Cam – Rio De Janeiro

Take a trip to Rio with the Rio De Janeiro Earth Cam. Complete with one of the most iconic beaches in Rio and a zoom button, you can see the crowded days and slow moments of the beach, and perhaps if you stare at it long enough you can feel a bit of the warm sunshine.



Old Faithful Webcam – Yellowstone National Park

If you haven’t made it out to our Nation’s First National Park before, the Old Faithful Webcam will give you a small taste of what you are missing out on. Yellowstone National Park is a hotbed of volcanic activity above and below its surface, and geysers, hot springs and amazing geological features make up the entire vicinity of this 3,500 square mile National Treasure.  



Doggy Daycare Cam – Minnesota

It’s an indisputable fact that the presence or mere sight of dogs can make your day better, so what better webcam to check out than the Doggy Daycare Cam out of of Minnesota. Full of dogs doing their thing, this tool could also be helpful if you ever have to board your pet in Minnesota and want to keep an eye on things.

Doggy DayCamp