Capture the moment with this Wednesday’s Featured Product: the diverse line of accessories for your GoPro camera. Forget the duct-tape and good intentions, when it comes to securely mounting your potentially expensive GoPro camera, stick with the name-brand, the tested products, and choose from a variety of different GoPro accessories:


3-wayThe 3-Way
Part selfie-stick, part tripod, the 3-way mount could be your one solution for a number of shots you want to take. Catch the scene from above, below, or anywhere in between, with fully adjustable segments to this handy mount, your options are limited to your own imagination with the 3-way mount.


ChestyThe Chesty

Perfect for front flips on your motorbike or shredding the freshest pow-pow out west, the Chesty harness has long been a staple in the GoPro accessory line. Featuring a comfortable fit and easy function, the Chesty is a wear and go item for your next adventure.


The handlerThe Handler

Optimal for your next nautical adventure, the Handler not only provides a comfortable grip for all your shooting endeavors, but acting as a flotation device, that same grip can save you the heartache of watching your GoPro camera sink away from out of your sight.


Suction Cup

Keep it simple with the Suction Cup accessory ansuction cupd film the way you want to. Perfect for the side of your car, motorcycle or jet engine, the suction will holds its grip proven to beyond 150 mph. Better yet, the Suction Cup includes a quick release, so once you’re done with the shot you don’t have to worry about leaving a permanent mount on your favorite high-speed vehicle.


Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

HandlebarVersatility is the name of the game for GoPro, and no mount better demonstrates that then the Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount which can attach to, well, just about any slender object you can throw at it. Whether it’s your handlebars or hiking poles, never miss a moment of the action with this 100-in-1 multipurpose mount.


Jaws: Flex ClampJaws

If you’re just not sure what kind of mount will get you the shot you want, it’s probably going to be the Jaws Flex Clamp. Perfect for those non-traditional shots, the clamp will hold onto virtually anything within its width, and the rubber necking hose that houses the camera can contort into virtually any shape you need it to, perfect for those hard to get angles.