Thanks to the good work of the people over at the Iowa DNR, as well as the responsible anglers who use them, the state of Iowa has plentiful trout fishing options all over the eastern part of the state. These trout fishing options range from urban trout fisheries to natural-sustaining streams full of your favorite fish. With options abound, especially being located in Iowa City, it’s the right time of year to start considering where you’ll be catching some trout.

Iowa DNR Trout

Urban Fisheries

Generally all urban fisheries are stocked during the months of October – April when the cold water can support the cold-weather fish, and all restocking is subject to reschedule due to weather and other environmental factors. Check out the list of Urban Fisheries below (provided by the Iowa DNR), and follow each link for more information on stocking updates and amenities:

Ada Hayden, Ames
Bacon Creek, Sioux City
Banner Lake (South), Indianola at
Big Lake, Council Bluffs
Blue Pit, Mason City
Discovery Park, Muscatine
Heritage Pond, Dubuque
Lake of the Hills, Davenport
Moorland Pond, Fort Dodge
North Prairie, Cedar Falls
Ottumwa Park Pond
Petocka, Bondurant
Prairie Park (Cedar Bend), Cedar Rapids
Sand Lake, Marshalltown
Terry Trueblood Lake, Iowa City
Scharnberg Pond,

Wilson Lake, Fort Madison

Self-Sustaining Trout Streams

Up in the northeast corner of Iowa are some of the best (and only) naturally-reproducing trout streams in the state. Home to Rainbow, brown and brook trout, you can test your angling prowess in the streams, much of which are accessible through state and county parks. If you’re looking for a real wild good time, a handful of the streams are more remote, creating an adventure just to get there, but ensuring a satisfying feeling once you land the big one. For a complete Trout Streams List and Trout Streams Map, follow the links provided.

Other Hatcheries

The list is not limited to urban and self-sustaining trout fisheries, and there are a handful of other locations to get your fish on. Because these fishing locales rely on restocking each year, don’t plan on going to these locations out of season and seeing some trout, instead log onto the Iowa DNR Trout Fishing page and check out the Master Calendar for when your favorite streams are getting stocked (see example below).

DNR Calendar.png

Rules and Regulations

If you are planning on using your anging abilities this year to catch some trout, be sure that you not only have your Iowa DNR Fishing License, but that you also procure a Trout Stamp for an additional $12.50 (both available at Fin & Feather). Unfortunately it isn’t free to stock these streams each year with trout, so your contributions are a needed way to keep the trout around (until you pull them out of the water).    

For any questions you might have about obtaining a Trout Stamp, where to go when, and what supplies you need to land the big one, be sure to stop into Fin & Feather before you next trout fishing adventure in Iowa.