Lip Balm 4Support an Iowa-born business and your lips this summer with this Wednesday’s Featured Product: Eco Lips lip balm. Chapped, dry lips are never part of the warm-weather memories that you like to keep around, so take them out of the picture with a moisturizing lip balm, specifically any one of the products from Eco Lips, because Eco Lips isn’t only good for your lips, it’s good for the world.


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Eco Lips Founder: Steve Shriver

Born in the state of Iowa in 1995, Eco Lips is still produced in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and besides their manufacturing location the other aspect of Eco Lips that hasn’t changed in a decade is their pillars of organic, good-for-you ingredients. Not to be confused with “natural” (which has limited strict definition), Eco Lips is USDA certified organic, meaning the ingredients were grown without the use of pesticides, and if you are like the good people over at Eco Lips, you know that your lips are worth the clean growing ingredients.

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Lip Balm 2Eco Lips has a variety of different lip balm products, ranging from SPF 15 balms to vegan salves (made with Candelilla Wax instead of Beeswax), so no matter how conscious of a consumer you are, Eco Lips and Fin & Feather can still make sure you are protected this Spring and Summer, and that your lips will never be dry.



Be sure to head on over to the Eco Lips website to learn more about their Iowa history, their organic ingredients and reasons why you should know what you are putting on your lips everyday. Better yet, stop on in to Fin & Feather and see for yourself the difference organic ingredients can have on your day.