Starting next Monday, May 2nd, resident Fin & Feather Blog author Brad Lane will begin hiking the Pacific Crest Trail heading 2,700 miles south to north, from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada and crossing through California, Oregon & Washington, as well as some of the best mountain scenery North America has to offer.

Prusik Peak
Alpine Lakes Wilderness – Washington 
Hawkeye getting the shot

What does that mean for the Fin & Feather blog that you’ve been so accustomed to? Well it might mean a few fewer blog posts each week, but if we turn our attention towards quality over quantity, you wont be disappointed as Fin & Feather and Lane (a.k.a. Hawkeye as he’ll be known on the trail) take you for a fantastic voyage on an adventure of a lifetime exploring the Pacific Crest Trail.


Stay tuned for a detailed gear list, primarily acquired via the shopping aisles at Fin & Feather, some answers to commonly asked questions about the Pacific Crest Trail, and of course, updates from the trail every time a little Wi-Fi happens to be found in the wilderness.  The trip wouldn’t have been possible without Hawkeye’s tenure on the sales floor at Fin & Feather, as well as the excellent associates that helped him pick out the right gear for the trip, so if you’re planning an adventure of your own, check out the store today.

PCT Beard Shave
Pre-PCT Beard Shave – Pacific Crest Trail Journal Facebook Page

For other ways to stay tuned to the action, be sure to stay tuned to the Fin & Feather Blog, and perhaps hop on over to the Hawkeye’s personal website, the Pacific Crest Trail Journal for full updates on all the adventures and coming January, 2017 – a complete narrative recollection of the journey out west. Guaranteed to be a blast, time will undoubtedly fly between now and next Monday, and if you see Hawkeye before then be sure to give him a handshake or a hug, because when it comes time to fly off into the horizon, it will be you that will surely give him the fuel he needs to finish his epic journey.

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