While sitting on the ground can make you feel close to nature, for extended trips or even a day trip to the beach, it can be nice to sit on something a little more inviting. This Wednesday’s featured product, the Mayfly Chair from San Francisco based company Alite Designs might be just what you need to bring a little more comfort to your life outside, and with their minimal styling and lighthearted design, they won’t get in the way of that natural feeling.


The Mayfly Chair has three legs, one of which you can fold up to turn the chair into a two legged rocker which you control with your legs. Or, if you leave the front leg down, you can recline without having to worry about keeping your balance. Just sit back, relax and breath in the fresh air (and feel the sand under your toes?). The low sitting chair packs up into its attached stuff sack to just 11.5″ X 4.3″ X 4.3″ and weighs just 1.6 pounds.

Small enough to throw in your backpack or on your bike for either a day trip or an extended vacation, at just $99, the Mayfly chair is definitely something to add to your gear collection. A seriously lighthearted chair to take with you anywhere.