1. Chacos

It’s no secret that we are obsessed with Chacos here at chacospurplefin & Feather (just come into our store and you are bound to find at least one employee sporting them), and it’s a great time to buy Chacos because the new line for Spring 2016 is out, and trust me, it’s awesome. With many new and fun colors and patterns, we’re sure the mom in your life will love them. Warning: she might be so happy and comfy in her new Chacos she might never take them off, it happens to the best of us.

2.Fjällräven Pack


Give her a head start on this year’s Fall trends with these adorable retro Swedish backpacks. This is the perfect gift because at the higher price point she might not buy one for herself, but we know she would love to have one. She can throw in her yoga clothes and bring it along to class, or fill it with everything you need for a day outdoors. The perfect balance between fashion and function makes the Fjällräven backpack a great Mother’s Day Gift.

3. Nemo Fusion Sleeping Bagnemofusion

This seriously cute Hot Pink sleeping bag is one part down, one part synthetic, combining the comfort of a synthetic bag with the warmth and pack-ability of down. Get this for the more adventurous mom in your life, and we know it will bring a smile to her face. Did I mention Hot Pink?

4.Hiking Socksdarntoughstripe

Do you or the mother in your life have a favorite hiking spot? Pair this gift with a planned out adventure this weekend, and be sure to make this Mother’s Day weekend extra special. Everyone loves a nice gift, and a fresh pair of socks are a seasoned classic. But the real gift here is the chance to spend some quality time outside and away from everything else.  Live in different places? Socks are the perfect gift to send in the mail, just be sure to ask her to take pictures of her fun hike.

5. Granite Gear Luggage


Is she the traveling type? Even if she doesn’t travel all the time, it’s always good to have at least one piece of nice luggage. We are obsessing over the Cross Trek series from Granite Gear which comes apart to reveal a detachable backpack. So versatile, convenient, and not bad looking either. If you have the extra time, you could even plan a trip together where she can use the new luggage.

6. Locally Grown Tees


You know your mother better than everyone else. Help her express her personal style with Locally Grown Tees and & Life is good Clothing. We especially like this “Paddle Local” graphic tee with a pedal boat on it, but you’ll have to stop by to see the whole collection. These shirts, which are made in the USA, are so super soft and comfy, it might just become her favorite shirt.


7. Dresses from Kühl, Toad & Co, and Löletoad & co dress

Not all dresses are created equal. Outdoor clothing lines like Kühl, Toad & Co, & Löle all make dresses a cut above the rest. We know she will look beautiful in one of these dresses (and comfy too) during Mother’s Day Brunch. The Rosemarie Dress from Toad & Co pictured here, which comes in so a variety of prints, is both Eco-friendly and breathable. We know it will be a hit!

8. Rain Gear

Spring is here, and with Spring TNFventurecomes rain! Keep her dry and fashionable with a cute new rain coat! We particularly like the bright colors in the Spring 2016 lines for both The North Face and Marmot. The Venture Jacket from The North Face, at just $99, is a great price for it’s value. It’s a great jacket that will really last, and with these bright colors, she can wear it all Spring and whip it out again in the fall to keep those bright summer vibes flowing.

9. Active Clothing


I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that gets me more excited about exercising than new workout clothes, and we have a huge selection of active clothing at Fin & Feather that would be perfect for Mother’s Day. Try Löle, Tasc or even The North Face for active clothing she can wear for yoga, running, hiking, or all three. We especially like the bamboo clothing from Tasc; it’s so soft and feels amazing to work out in.

10. Fin & Feather Gift Card

Maybe you can’t decide what to get for Mother’s day, or maybe she is just hard to shop for. Consider getting her a gift card to Fin & Feather so that she can decide for herself what she wants for Mother’s Day. It could be one of the items above or something completely different, but with the great variety of options we have to  offer, we are sure she will find something great.

Happy Mother’s Day!