The original Hults Bruk mansion still serves as the headquarters of the company.

Hults Bruk was founded in 1697 by a stream in the country outside of the Swedish town of Norrkoping, which is kind of awesome considering people still dressed like this in the 1690s. Who wouldn’t want a Swedish axe that’s been made and perfected for over 300 years?

After getting these axes in the mail earlier this week, we are proudly one of only two places in the state of Iowa where you can get a Hults Bruk axe, so come on over and check out the collection. It’s almost summer, and that means bonfires; don’t get caught chopping wood with a boring old axe this year, do it in style. (Did I mention Father’s day is just around the corner?).



One of the seven Hults Bruk axes available at Fin & Feather right now, the Bjork axe is the perfect axe for getting the campfire ready. You can read more about the Bjork axe here. In addition to the Bjork axe, we also carry a variety of smaller hatchets and larger felling axes, depending on what you are looking for.


Before I let you go, check out this video of the Hults Bruk forge in action, and then stop by to see the finished products in person! 🔥

Be sure to check out the Hults Bruk website to learn even more about this sweet Swedish axe company. We sure are glad these axes are now available in America. You may not have known you needed one of these axes until just now, but we’ve been pining.