*Excerpts from the Pacific Crest Trail Journal, follow the link to view the full write-up and all the pictures so far

“It’s hard to imagine, because my first 30 days has already been a lifetime of adventure, but we’re just getting started here, and this first part was merely a test-run, an appetizer leading into the smorgasbord of adventure ahead. With enough miles under my belt there has been enough time to learn a few things on trail and develop a bit of a routine.”


“Section C & D have provided an abundance of two trail dangers for me; the scream-inducing rattlesnake and the not-as-cute-as-it-sounds Poodle Dog Bush. I saw 4 rattlesnakes in 5 days, each one bigger than the last, and each one causing me to jump further into the air than I’m prouder to admit.”


“Wherever I sleep, or however I slumber, everyday starts in a similar routine (although always in a different landscape), which includes taking on or off the same 5 or 6 pieces of clothing that I wear everyday. As I put on my hiking shirt and see others in theirs, I can’t help but think sometimes that this thru-hiking business is kind of like an odd t.v. miniseries where the characters always wear the same wardrobe for the ease of the audience, only those wardrobes get progressively dirtier and more tattered as the show goes on.”


“My blisters are healed up and my mind is at ease, and despite the two braces sitting fashionably on my knees, I can now get my 20 miles a day with ease. And it’s good, because ahead of me and beyond the scorching gates of the Mojave Desert is the great Sierras, the holy sanctuary where the story will really just begin”